Frequently asked questions

What is the 3-hour trial test for?

The trial test serves as a temperament evaluation on the guests’ usual behavior so that we can get a sense of how the guests will likely behave during the hotel stay. It also helps to reduce stress for the guests during the hotel stay as they will be familiar with the environment at Pawty Paws. Pawty Paws reserve the right to fail the trial test should your dog be aggressive to other dogs or our hotel staff, barks or scratches non-stop when in the room as such behaviors are evident of discomfort and stress and we do not wish to stress your dog during the hotel stay. More information can be found here.

What should I prepare for my pup’s stay at Pawty Paws?

We’d love to make your pup feel at home, so do let us know all the necessary information to take great care of your pup.

Food and Treats

Do bring your pup’s own food and treats so as to avoid stomach upsets and food allergies. Let us know of any food preparation methods (eg. heating up of home-cooked food, adding of supplements, mixing of wet food with kibbles, etc.) so we can serve your pup his/her favourite meals. We recommend that you pack enough food (or slightly more is good too!) for the entire hotel stay.

Bedding and Toys

Feel free to bring along your pup’s favourite bed, toys and food/water bowl to create your pup’s little home away from home.


Do remember to bring along any medication that your pup would require during the hotel stay. Let us know of any special needs such as health conditions, medication needs and allergies so we can your pup the best care and attention.

What are the requirements for the hotel stay?

Kindly refer to our hotel stay requirements here.

Can I drop by for a tour of the hotel?

Sure, we’d love to show you around! We recommend that you make an appointment with us before coming so that we can ensure that our staff would be available to take you on the tour.

Will I be updated on my pup during the hotel stay?

Of course! You will have 24-hour access to the CCTV in your pup’s hotel room so you can check on him/her at night. As your pup will be out and about in the play area playing and interacting with other pups, we will send you updates regularly via Whatsapp during the day.

What happens if my pup falls sick during his/her stay?

In the unfortunate event that your pup falls ill, we will contact your family veterinarian for medical attention. We will also keep you updated every step of the way.

Do all dogs play together?

Depending on the temperament of the dogs we have in the hotel, we may separate them into different playgroups. And not to worry, our friendly hooman staff are there to supervise the all-day play to ensure that your pup has a safe and fun time!

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